Who We Are

Finch & Sons is the premier family brand of boutique, efficacious medical cannabis products that are born and raised in the Golden State. With our homestead located in Desert Hot Springs cradled in the Coachella Valley, we know, embrace, and exude the cultural ties and community standards that make California truly unique. Finch & Sons is uncompromising in our focus on cultivating and extracting high-quality medical cannabis and concentrate products for patients of all types. Product consistency, customer service, and educational outreach are the core virtues that guide our expert staff to deliver the patients of California a deluxe, therapeutic alternative to traditional western medicine.

What We Stand For

Finch & Sons provides only the cleanest, safest, and beneficial medical cannabis products cultivated and extracted in a production facility designed to healthcare grade standards. Our products embody all aspects of patient proactive and reactive medication therapy management, from diagnosis to treatment; ensuring and promoting complete holistic wellness.

Where and When

Finch & Sons is established in the city of Desert Hot Springs, located in the larger community of the Coachella Valley. California is our home and we are excited to break ground, extend our roots, and act efficiently in order to achieve our goal and promise to our patients to provide the highest quality medicinal cannabis products by the end of 2017.

Opening 2017


Finch & Sons takes the position that medical cannabis and derived concentrate products have demonstrated immense power and positive outcomes in treating a number of diseases, debilitating conditions, and their associated side effects. We believe that medical cannabis empowers each patient’s mind, body, and spirit to overcome the challenges of living with a chronic illness and overall promotes the sustainability of individual autonomy and activities of daily living. Our holistic approach to healthcare guides our dedication to supplying diverse medicinal products to patients as well as scholarly, scientifically credible information regarding medical cannabis applications and results. Medical cannabis is the conduit for a renewed, refined, and regulated commitment to empowering an individual’s total wellness; Finch & Sons simply connects the virtues of advocacy and progress with enthusiastic physicians and optimistic patients. Together, we feel that medical cannabis and patient focused care are the cornerstones of obtaining an accurate illness prognosis and associated positive therapeutic response.

Love to Hear from You

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